Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12athon - RWB

I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that eating 13 jalapeno hushpuppies is a terrible idea, even if you do have that many of them left over from a Celebratory Catfish Dinner the night before and even if their brethren were extremely tasty at said dinner. I forgot to take a "group photo" before I started, so here are the last three. I enjoyed the first five or so, but these particular specimens did not go down very easily.

And an individual shot, just for fun:

Just in case the blurry hushpuppies have left you with any lingering doubts regarding my total lack of photographic capabilities, I present you with what I am fairly certain is literally the worst photograph of a sunset ever taken:

It was actually a pretty decent sunset in person?

This picture still totally sucks, but it looks
almost okay if you compare it to the other one.

Anyway, I also wore VFFs for the Naturalist challenge and had two thingums of cherry brandy for the RUI Double Fister because I needed a tablespoon or so of it for a recipe once and I figured I might as well use a bit of it up for the 12athon. It tastes exactly like cherry cough syrup, which I don't really mind that much. In any case, it does not taste like hushpuppies and that is what's actually important here.

Yeah, I should wash these.

November 12athon: AA

So, Saturday (the 10th) it was 55 degrees (Fahrenheit), partly cloudy . . . well, okay, then there was a thunderstorm. Sunday the 11th was about 32 degrees out, again, partly cloudy, clear and cold

In other words, I should have known.


Ahem. Well, okay, I shouldn't complain; we've had unseasonably warm weather for the last year or something, so.

Anyway, for the last couple weeks I was actually on the IR (injured reserve, for non-sports fans) because I managed to screw up my back leaning over to put on running shoes, I kid you not, the morning of the Halloween half marathon I was supposed to run. Yeah. Bad idea. So that meant I wasn't really going to do a full 12 miles today, having not run since about Oct. 25th.

On the other hand, I'm very proud of myself for getting 6 miles in today, which I did:

In my 'new' shoes (Merrell Bare Access Arcs. I bought them in July or something but I hadn't worn them yet, and really, I just wanted to wear them; the old pair is still fine):

Around the little park at the end of the street that is about a 0.15-mile track:

(Yeah, I'm a terrible photographer. I know. That blue thing is my sleeve.)

I thought about jumping into an unheated outdoor body of water then, and there was even one nearby:

...but then I realized I was REALLY STINKING COLD and that wasn't going to happen.

So! Happy cold 12athon! 6 miles (6) + Sisyphus (8) + Naturalist (4) + Multiplier (1.2) = 19.2 points for me this month! I think.