About Us

runs with butter: y helo thar.
(or helo that, if you prefer.)
avenging angle: :-D
(heo is a who, nto a that)
(damnit, jokes don't work with too many typos)
rwb: (lol is it bad that that made sense because it did.)
aa: (lol. kinda.)
rwb: (it is ovbs because we haz knowed each other for 12 years dun dun dun.)
rwb: (OLD FART)
aa: (RITE?)

The Avenging Angle and Runs With Butter have known each other for twelve years now, and they're still not sure how that works. Also, in 2012 they're going to be doing Stet That Run's Virtual 12athon, so twelves are the cool thing, they guess.

The Avenging Angle is from Up North, where there is often snow on the ground, and she runs in NB 101s at the moment. She lusts after the Saucony Kinvaras but is already a couple pairs ahead so can't justify buying them. (Yet!) She thinks running is awesome because it allows her to eat more cookies. Her PRs are as follows: 5K 32:22 (4/11), 10-mile 1:51:52 (10/11).

Runs With Butter is still trying to find the mythical food that doesn't taste better with MORE BUTTER. She lives Down South where there is never snow, but she does have to wake up at 4am occasionally just to run in temperatures below 90. She runs in VFF Treksports, grows all sorts of microbes and SCOBYs on her counter, and ferments vegetables for fun. Her PRs are as follows: 5K 30:41 (9/11), 10K 1:00:56.48 (11/11).