Friday, October 12, 2012

October 12athon: Travel Edition (RWB)

Happy 12th! I'm too tired to write anything exceptionally coherent at the moment, so here's a bunch of pictures with blurbs:

Sunrise/Sunset: 7:42am and 7:11pm in Columbus, GA.

Three Square Runs.

It occurred to me right after I left for my morning run right at 7:42 that I couldn't run 4 miles before 8am. Fortunately, Alabama is only an eight-and-a-half minute jog away, and it's an hour earlier there than it is in Georgia. Crisis averted!

Alabama wins the Fancy Sign contest.

Work-y, work-y!

I used the 'lunch' run to go to my afternoon rehearsal and the 'dinner' run to come back to the hotel between rehearsals. I'm staying a whopping 2 blocks away from the hall, though, so I didn't take a particularly direct route:

Okay, it's definitely past my bedtime now. See you all next month!

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