Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The 12athon 13/12/11 10-Mile Warmup Report (AA)

Yay, the 12athon! It’s started! It’s why we started this blog!

Anyway. So. I ran 10 miles this afternoon. I did it in my Halloween costume. I get points for doing both. I ran laps around my neighborhood, due to lack of owning a hand-held or otherwise portable-type water bottle. I’ve got a 1.28-mi route that I know pretty well, so I ran it 8 times. Which, yes, for the mathy-types out there, means I actually ran 10.24 miles. I’m okay with that. (My feet, on the other hand . . .) It took me about 2 hours and 10 minutes, which I totally can’t prove because I didn’t have anywhere to put my phone and I don’t own a Garmin, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Here are some pictures to prove that I did what I did:

Here’s me afterward. The cranky look is because I just ran 10 miles and I really wanted to get out of that clothing and into the shower. And yes, since you’re wondering, my house did come with a ballet studio. Short sales for the win!

Now, before you inform me that a tutu does not a Halloween costume make, let me inform you that most of the black on the tutu isn’t actually plain black tulle; it’s this stuff.

Yeah. Spiderwebs and spiders. See? Halloween!

Also, I’m wearing my Monster Dash jacket, from the 10-mile race (it’s also a half marathon) I did Halloween weekend this year. Monsters! Halloween!

So, as I hear Steve Chiotakis say every morning, let’s do the numbers:

Miles: 10.24
Time: 2:10:xx
Pace: 12:41 (considering how slow I was going on laps 7 and 8, this is pretty good)
Elevation gain: 472 ft (59 ft/lap x 8 laps)
Items of clothing worn: 13 (yes, I’ll be doing the Dirty Dozen challenge soon)
Blisters: 0. YAY!
Ounces of drink consumed: 20-ish
WTF-faces given to me: 1
Polite waves or ‘hi’s: 6
“Hey how you doing nice weather we’re having!”s: 1 (said by a tween boy as if it were one sentence)
Other runners: 2, but I ran by one lady about four times
Other runners in costumes: 0. Alas.


  1. LOVE your 12athon recap! I believe every word, fact, and figure. How could I not? Starting a blog to recap your 12athon experience totally merits bonus points. Calculating them as we speak...

    Iris @ the Virtual 12athon Challenge

  2. Oh good, I'm hoping someone attempts the dirty dozen! I'm thinking about that one too and want to know how difficult it might be to run with all that extra clothing for the first few miles of the 12 mile run.

    Great post! Love your running stats!

  3. @Iris, thanks!

    @Scott, I'm thinking the way to do it is to combine it with a Sunrise sometime like March or April, where there really is about a 10-degree difference between before and after. Also, I'm already planning on running the last mile barefoot. :)