Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happi pi dai!

It's pi day! So I chalked a giant pi on myself (and several smaller ones) and went to run 3.14 miles.

I might have run longer, but 1.) Hal said only do 3 miles today, and 2.) I was meeting Mr. Angle for lunch and I'd gotten up a tad later than expected.

Anyway, so, yeah, aimed for 3.14 miles but overshot. Maybe. My usual routes are either 0.945 mi, or 1.275 mi, so I thought, okay, one long, two short, and then maybe a few extra feet depending on how spicy the satellites are feeling today. I heard my phone tell me when I'd run 1.0 mi, and then 2.0, but I thought I might have missed 3.0, so I pulled my phone out to check about a block from my house--so about where I thought 3.0 miles should be--and I got this:

Whoops. Bless me, mighty Virtual 12athon Overlord (overlady?), for I have sinned. I ran an extra six-hundredths of a mile unwittingly. Maybe.

Also, it was really fast. If it would have been a real 5K, I would have beat my old PR by quite a bit.

Afterward, I showered REALLY FAST, drove down to eat lunch with Mr. Angle, and then went to the haircut place, to do this:

Yep, I donated 10 inches of hair. Not that my hair is particularly visible in any other picture I've ever posted on the blog (when it's long, I usually keep it tied up), but now I look like this:

It's a very refreshing feeling, having hair that isn't down to my waist anymore. And just in time for lovely weather! It's in the 70s here. In Minnesota. In March. Yeah.


  1. Did you donate your hair? When my mom had cancer she was given one of the wigs made from donated hair. I thought that was just lovely.

    Oh, and congrats on the Pi run!

    1. I haven't quite yet; I'll be printing the form and mailing it in. But it is really nice to know that there are actual real live people receiving the wigs made from donated hair!