Thursday, May 17, 2012

Syttende Mai

So, weirdly enough, this is not the first time I've run a distance dedicated to a Constitution Day, although the last time was for the US Constitution Day, which is September 17. I even have an ugly race shirt from it! But more importantly, I was supposed to run 5.17 miles today, for May 17, and I did:
But let's talk about what I had to do to get the Norwegian flag picture, which will hopefully net me another point. Yeah, a single point. I live in the northern 'burbs of the Twin Cities, and I googled the Norwegian Consulate because if anyone knows anything about the Twin Cities, they know that there's a Norwegian Consulate in town. Maybe. Um. So I went to the location, and there was nothing. No flags, no sign, not even a listing in the directory. Oh well. So I did get a picture of myself at the Norwegian Consulate:
And, um, for the record, I paid $2 to wander around downtown for 20 minutes, looking for the consulate:
And once I realized it just wasn't going to happen, I googled 'Norwegian cultural center,' to see if I'd have any more luck. I didn't, but I found a nice Norwegian Lutheran church, called the Mindekirke, and figured that would probably work, or at least have some Norwegian outside. Or something. Got there, and success!
And, to prove I was there (yes, that's my forehead and wispy hair; I cut out my eyes, which were in the original picture, because I was making a really funny face):
Oh, wait, that's not a Norwegian flag. Oh! But I have one of those, too! Kind of. It was on the wrong side of a door, but . . . style points?
Happy Constitution Day!

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