Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 12athon: Tipsy Edition (AA)


No, I think I'm sober now. Maybe.

So the problem with being, well, me, is that I get drunk off of one beer. A double-fister RUI (12 points!) is therefore a bad idea.

I did it anyway.

On the left is the lightest beer I have in my house: New Glarus's Two Women. I kid you not. (In hindsight, I probably should have stolen Mr. Angle's hard cider, but there was only one left.) On the right is a mint julep, such as it was: bourbon, ripped-up mint leaves, a ton of ice, and some powdered sugar added after the fact, shaken a lot and definitely not stirred. It tasted just fine, thank you.

Hell, after the first slurp, it tasted more than fine.

So RWB had mentioned doing the Bi-Curious, as she is lazy, and I am also lazy, and in addition to being lazy, at a bad point in my training cycle (otherwise known as the 'I don't even know when my next race is!' point). So I said, HEY, I'LL BE AWESOME AND DO THAT TOO. So I did.

Here's my bike. It is an awesome bike, if 'awesome' is defined as 'comfortable.'

As a bonus, you also get my helmet and my trash and recycling bins.

Six miles of biking (actually, 6.12 miles):

And one mint julep later, I was so. not. sober. Of course, I still had six miles to do on foot, and a whole beer to drink. Yeah. Bad plan. Did it anyway.

I got home, babbled at my husband for a bit, and tried not to fall over in the shower.

Oh, and I think I haven't successfully claimed the Naturalist bonus for this quarter and I always pretty much wear the same shoes (Saucony Kinvara 2s, 4mm drop), so:

(Yeah, that's the same picture as always, but I haven't bought any new shoes yet, so.)

12athon (12) + Bi-Curious (7) + RUI Double-Fister (12) + Minimalist (4) + multiplier (2.3) = uhhhh . . .





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