Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 12athon: It's Too Freaking Cold (RWB)

This is my rest week before my first half marathon and I'm out of town and I have a performance later today, so I decided it was a good month to do the Rosie Ruiz challenge. I checked the weather forecast for the weekend before packing to leave on Wednesday - sunny with highs of 55-60 every day and lows of about 40. I brought a long-sleeve shirt (an REI Lightweight Polartec top, which is actually pretty awesome, if you were wondering) and some running capri pants, but that sounded warm enough not to bother with gloves and a knit hat if I did all my running in the afternoons. I remembered after I was in the car that I'd have to do the 12athon run in the morning because of the ballet, but I figured I could always go buy a pair of cheap gloves at Target.

The end of the closest bus route to my friend K.'s house where I'm staying is at a mall, so I figured that would be a good place to leave my car while I ran and hitched a ride on a bus. Only the first mile and a half of the bus route is walkable and I didn't want to wait for a bus in both directions, so I was going to walk that far, take the bus back to where I started, and then run the remaining 9 miles in the other direction since they actually have sidewalks there.

Then I checked the weather forecast again last night. Somewhere around 20 degrees with a wind chill making it feel about 10 degrees colder. There aren't a huge number of extremely compelling reasons to live in the South, but not having to deal with temperatures that cold is on the list. I suppose if I was at home I could have thrown on three pairs of pants, a couple of shirts, a hoodie, a fleece, a hat, a scarf, and (let's face it - I'm a bit of a wimp) two pairs of gloves, but I didn't really want to buy quite *that* much stuff at Target.

I thought it would be funny to wear this shirt
as one of my layers since it was so cold. Well,
okay, and it was the only t-shirt I had with me.

Clearly my original plan did not involve nearly enough time inside a nice, toasty bus. I also decided that maybe the subway was a better way to go than the bus - the bus I was planning to use only runs every 30 minutes on Sundays, there's a crappy-but-better-than-nothing heater in the train stations, and I could just walk to the other side of the platform instead of paying for the bus twice. The Dunwoody station is at Perimeter Mall and it's a mile if you park at the far corner of the mall parking lot and then run along the main road to the station. Perfect.

Fare gates. I know, super exciting.
I was going to take a picture while running around
the mall to the station, but a) you guys have all
seen a mall before and b) I didn't get around to
buying gloves so I didn't want to take my hands out
of my pockets.

One time when I was waiting at a MARTA station,
a community college photography class was there
taking pictures. At least none of them was the
only weirdo standing around snapping pictures
of a subway train.

Obviously this post needed at least one blurry
photo taken through the window. At least it was warm.

It's just over 5 miles to the Buckhead station, so I got off there. I had 15 minutes until the train going in the other direction was supposed to come, so I walked up and down the platform trying to stay warm. The station was basically empty, so it was easier to take pictures without getting funny looks from fellow travelers.

I was hoping maybe there would be a nice panoramic
view of the city or something, but an exit sign for
the freeway was about it.

I'm pretty sure this particular piece of subway wall art is made from scraps of flooring material which are painted bright colors.

Then I rode back to the mall and ran back to my car. The temperature had gotten all the way up to 23, but I still didn't want to take my hands out of my pockets to take a picture of a mall. Total time: 50 minutes for 12 miles! Man, I'm fast.


  1. You are *such* a cheater! Smart move with the RR challenge the week before your half marathon. Very smart. Best of luck with your first half!

    1. Thanks! I'm a little sad that I missed my chance to wear a Cupid costume, but I think I'll be glad next Sunday that I didn't do 12 miles yesterday.