Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day run! (RWB)

So if I'd checked my email earlier in the day, I would've known that my stalker watch is supposed to get here today and then I could have used that to take a 2.9-mile run. That didn't happen, though, so I did it the old-fashioned way. Today was supposed to be 12 1/4-mile repeats, so I asked Google how far .2 miles was. 10*.25 + 2*.2 = 2.9. Not very exciting, but easy to keep track of and I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to doing repeats, so I was perfectly happy to cheat a little on the last two.

The Starting Line. I always wonder if people actually
walk up and buy newspapers out of this box. I guess
they must or else the News wouldn't bother putting
papers in it every morning?

Yeah, it's kind of up a hill. I assume I'd have slightly
faster times if I was doing my repeats on flat ground, but
this is less of a hill than the other 3 directions I could
go from home.

Finish Line! Now that I think about it, that seems
like kind of a weird place for a fire hydrant.
Is the asphalt going to catch fire?

According to Google, .2 miles from the newspaper box
is by the tree in front of the brown house next to the kind
of Spanish-y house. I wasn't sure about taking a picture of
someone's house specifically so I could put it on the internet,
so I took a picture of the park across the street instead.

Total distance: 2.9 miles
Total time: 24:06.35
Average pace: 8:19 (Kinda slow for short sprints even for me; this may be related to the fact that I biked to yoga at 6am.)
Average pace in the uphill direction: 9:17
Average pace in the downhill direction: 7:20

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