Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12athon: AA (the 3-shower edition)

This month, the 12athon director (Iris) did something really nice: she allowed us to do the 'heat miser' edition. If one runs between 6-12 miles, one gets a point per mile PLUS full bonus-challenge points. Yeah, I didn't do that, even though there was a high of 88 today, complete with possibility of thunderstorms. I did the full 12 miles because I'm competitive stubborn not running on all cylinders me. But! I did the Three Squares Challenge: 4 miles for breakfast, 4 for lunch, and 4 for dinner. (And then failed to document time properly, but hey.) Here are my 3 garmin times. I could not, no matter how hard I tried, get a picture with the actual time stamp in it, and it's about 11:30 as I'm typing this and I'd like to get it posted before midnight, so . . . parol evidence!
That's the first 4 miles. Here's my time estimate, plus a map to prove I did Sisyphus. Sort of. It's a 0.15-mile loop.
It says I started at 7:16, which I didn't. It also says I only did 3.27 mi, which I didn't. I forgot to start the app on my phone which provided the map (seriously, Garmin Connect and I have . . . issues) until I'd been running about a mile, and I think my first mile was about 11:30? So math. I finished very, very close to eight. I wandered around for a little bit complaining about the humidity and the fact that I was vaguely drunk due to RUI double-fister (oh, yeah, I have a picture of that, too:
Seriously, I'm half-drunk, exceedingly tired, and writing this quickly, so forgive my scattered-ness. But I promise there's at least 3 oz of bourbon in that bottle. Because of the Sisyphus, I was going to be leaving it in one place anyway.) Anyway, here's lunch:
And here's the alarm I set to make sure I left early enough. I took about 15 minutes to get dressed and find satellites, so I finished about 1:40?
And the only proof I have that I did the last 4 miles after 4pm is the fact that I'm writing this damn blog post at 11:36 pm.
So yeah. Three Squares, Sisyphus, and RUI Double-Fister = 9 + 8 + 12 = 29 + 10% = 31.9 + 12 base miles = 43.9. I think. And yes, I did shower after each run, which is way too many showers in one day.

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