Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hoofin' & Woofin': AA, Part 1

So, I'm halfway through a Hoofin' and Woofin' challenge--12 miles of walking shelter dogs--and I'm going to finish this afternoon at another adoption event, so I thought I'd post pictures of the previous event, such that anyone who wanted to see the dogs would actually be able to do so in a useful timeframe. Here are the seven I walked last time (actually, I walked Peanut twice but he only gets one picture) and links to their profiles on Homeward Bound Minnesota's page. I apologize for some terrible pictures; I'm an awful photographer. But they're all adorable! I promise! 1. Peanut (no profile): A tiny Italian greyhound mix, he's about 2, has a LOT of energy, is more than willing to talk to you, and would be a GREAT running companion, even on longer runs. A mile and a half was no big deal for him.
2. Hunter: A Chihuahua-Italian greyhound mix, in a lot of ways he was just like Peanut, but quieter. Also great for runs.
3. Boone (no profile): A mix of Australian cattle dog and something small, I really only have a crappy picture of him, but he was smart, VERY smart, and for someone who wanted to train a dog for agility courses, I'd recommend him. He was in the 3-4-year-old range and liked to run, too.
4. Titan: An older dog, mix of Lhasa Apso and Shih Tsu, I'm not going to lie: he wore me out. It was probably that I'd walked four dogs by this point (Peanut twice), but he still definitely wanted to run, despite his age. I don't think he'd be a fan of daily 20-milers but he was very sweet and certainly enjoyed being active, at least briefly.
5. Soda Pop (no profile): A beagle mix, Soda Pop is about five, and don't let the stubby little legs fool you: buddy wanted to go faster than I did. Super sweet, super cute, and I think he was one of the few who had actually been leash-trained.
6. Chloe: Chloe's about six but acts like she's about one. She's a big retriever mix (someone was a black lab in there) and she loves tennis balls like they're her job. She really, really likes to run and play catch, but she's a heck of an investment for someone my size. If, however, you love being walked by your dog (as opposed to the opposite), I recommend her whole-heartedly because she's very, very sweet! I didn't get a picture of her because my phone was not having a good day but if I see her today (I hope I don't, but still), I'll get one. 7. Sysko: An Aussie mix, and about seven, Sysko was also the kind of dog who walks you. He probably was a tad stronger than Chloe, and VERY happy about getting to go for a run. He didn't do the usual Aussie herding thing, though, which, I'm not going to lie, actually made me happy because it's difficult to walk a dog who wants to herd you.
Here's my distance walked/run thingy:
I'll post the second-half dogs to FB and then update with a post here!

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