Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12athon: RWB

Dear Winter,

Was it something I said? I miss you. Please come back.


Well, okay, actually it was pretty cool (79!) here today since it was cloudy and drizzling for most of the day. And it wasn't really much more humid than it has been on the days when the temperature's been in the triple digits lately, so the drizzle wasn't much of a deterrent. I saw at least a couple dozen other runners during my run in the middle of the day on a Thursday, so obviously I wasn't the only one who was happy to finally have some 'cool' weather!

Getting up in time to do a Sunrise/Sunset Challenge didn't seem like anywhere near as good of an idea at 5:30 this morning as it did when I went to bed last night and I ended up resetting the alarm for 7:30 and going back to bed when it went off. I almost did a Sisyphus by accident because I was waiting for a UPS package that required a signature and running around my block seemed like the best way to avoid missing the delivery person, but I'd already done a mile and a half to go walk a friend's dog and given how little running I've done in the last month because of the heat, an extra mile and a half so that I could get a Sisyphus sounded like a lot! Well, okay, and I was also planning to run 6 and bike 6 and biking in a small circle 24 times sounded like the sort of thing that might possibly definitely result in insanity.

I guess I must have had my foot off the ground in
this picture? I don't remember doing that (I was really
just focusing on getting a semi-legible picture of the
watch), but I can't think of any other reason why my
foot appears to be so much larger than the umbrella.

Some Numbers:
Miles Run: 6
Miles Biked: 6
Total Time: 1:42:16
Pairs of Shoes Worn: 2
12athon Challenges Done: 2 (Bi-Curious, Naturalist)
Butter Eaten Today: 5T (fried eggs at breakfast and lunch, corn on the cob at lunch and dinner, and a snack that probably most nearly falls in the 'cookie dough' category)

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