Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hoofin' & Woofin', Part 2 (AA)

Ho boy. Long day. But I got in my last six miles of dog-walking!

Again, these were all from Homeward Bound Dog Rescue, based in the Twin Cities Metro Area. Once a week, on Saturday afternoons, they have an Adoption Event at a local pet store, usually a Petco or a Petsmart, in various suburbs. They're nice enough to let me borrow the dogs and walk them. Next week's event is in Maplewood, and based on the fact that five out of the seven dogs from last time were still there, I'd bet that a lot of these lovely individuals will still be available next week.

Here's who we had today:

1. Gaborik: A yellow lab, he's still a puppy (although the website says he's 3), and occasionally makes noise, but he has a lot of energy and does pretty well on a run. Here's a picture of him with Titan:

2. Brucella: HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THAT FACE. She's about a year old, a boxer mix, brindle coat, and absolutely adorable. She's not great on the leash, but someone with a bit of patience could ABSOLUTELY train her to be the perfect running companion. Brucella may pop up with a video in a couple days that will have my legs in it, hah.

3. Angel (no profile): I have no idea what Angel is, other than 'a dog.' She's smallish, maybe knee-high to me (I'm five-three/160cm), but honestly, she was an EXCELLENT running companion. She's also about four, so she's old enough to have settled down, and I'd recommend her to anyone. She apparently also loves being on people's laps.

4. Lilly: Oh, Lilly. She's four months old, half lab, half Great Dane (I think), and the only thing that could possibly be putting people off of adopting her is the fact that she's probably (with those parents) going to turn into a horse. She's very sweet, very good on the leash. She was happy to trot with me but I couldn't get her to run flat-out; she was probably tired, but a full-sized Lilly-trot would probably be fast enough for anyone.

5. Peanut: Same guy as last time, but I have a slightly better picture. He's kind of getting thin. I think he needs a forever home, people. He's an Italian Greyhound mix, very good at running, very cute. Not great at staying quiet, but I'm sure that could be worked on.

6. Sysko: Oh, Sysko. You're still an Aussie, you're still possessed of a ton of energy, and you're still extremely furry. But I love you anyway.

And, as a bonus, although I didn't get to walk him, Lochte, the Great Pyrenees puppy:

He's gonna get big, too.

Oh, and mileage:

OK, I'm going to eat and sleep now.

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  1. YOU. ROCK. A well-earned 100 points, but honestly, there aren't enough points for a day spent with such awesome dogs. Crossing all digits and paws that they find forever homes soon!