Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12athon: Happy Birthday to me! (AA)

So, today's my birthday; my thir--er, my twenty-ninth birthday. Yeah. Twenty-nine. Twenty-nine and two halves, I guess. Anyway, not that I really needed help after the Hoofin' & Woofin', but to maximize my points today, I did both the Birthday Party and Sunrise/Sunset. (Also it helped that I didn't have to do 12 miles at once.)

Yesterday evening I went to the Party Store, and got three balloons (teal, purple, and silver, and really, they mean nothing except I like those colors). It was only three because the mylar Avengers balloon was about $4 and I thought that was an inefficient allocation of resources. Also, they had a giant section of Iron Man party stuff, but Iron Man party hats don't exist--apparently you're supposed to wear a mask instead. I was not okay with that. They also didn't have Iron Man blowout party favor things, so I ended up with Batman. Oh well. I got a hat and a pin that says, "30 Rocks!"

Then this morning I got up at moderately-stupid o'clock, being that sunrise was 6:48:

You may not be able to read it, but the stove clock behind me says 6:42. So does the time-stamp on the picture. I didn't bother to wake Mr. Angle up--he had today off--and off I went! 6 miles in about 1:16:

Then I came home, showered, and did most of nothing all day. I'm okay with that.

Sunset was 7:31 P.M., and I got a picture before I left. Well, multiple pictures: One with me in all of my getup, and then one of the 'cake.' It's a cupcake. I scarfed it down while I was waiting for my watch to pick up the satellites, which was obviously at mile 6 (and therefore between 4 and 8):

And, uh, here's everything, including a 12athon shirt:

And here's my time: two minutes faster!

I can't really prove it's my birthday except via Facebook, but it really is. My mother will swear to it.

Anyway! Now I am enjoying a beer. It's great. I hope your birthday is just as awesome.

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  1. I'm soo behind on my blog list reading, but happy birthday anyway, AA!