Thursday, December 6, 2012

DF: RMU, Day 6 (AA)

Seven miles done, in the cold.

I guess it wasn't that cold today; it was over 40 degrees F when I left, but my face doesn't see it that way. I broke down and bought the 'expensive' face cream ($12.99 Neutrogena Naturals stuff) because I know it works, and after washing my face with my normal face stuff (Dr. Bronner's) and having it sting like I was sunburned, I feel pretty good about that decision.

Anyway, enough of that. DID EVERYONE SEE THE NEW STAR TREK TRAILER? The Japanese version has fourteen extra seconds. Find it here: Star Trek into Darkness.

Fifty-seven miles down, twenty-one left. So I've done more than a fifty-miler in the last few days, and I have less than a marathon left. Yay!

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