Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Happy Finalethon day, everyone! I am nowhere near as awesome as the Angle and her 78-mile epic feat, but I did get in 12 today:

I did the Diabolical Dozen challenge again. The Angle thinks I'm insane, although as I'm not the one who did 78 miles, I think we may have a bit of a pot-kettle situation there. Anyway, I really like eggs. This was probably actually my favorite challenge back in Q1 so I was perfectly happy to repeat it.

Seriously, only eating one at a time is the hard part for me.

Clearly I needed something to wash the eggs down with, though - RUI Single-Fister, please!

It's back. Still tastes like cough syrup.

I just managed to get myself out the door in time for the sunrise at 6:42am:

The second one's actually from 45 min later
(yep, still suck at taking pictures), but it looked neat.

I threw in a Sisyphus since I hadn't done that yet and the libraries and other public restrooms on my normal route don't open until about 9, and I prefer to have those nearby on my long runs in case of "issues". Plus it meant I could just set the container of eggs down on the back of my car and grab one every fourth lap.

Aaaaaaand I guess that's it! If we do indeed make it past next Friday, what are we all going to do with ourselves on the 12ths??

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  1. Nice finish with the DD! It's been a lot of fun reading your blog reports this past year.