Wednesday, January 11, 2012

12 Reasons to Join the 12athon

You'll have possibly noticed that neither of us has posted in a while. Maybe it's because we're busy. Maybe it's because we're lazy. Maybe it's because we're putting up such awesome numbers running that we think blog posting is behind us. Maybe it's because we've got a whole post already written but it involves doing some photo-editing which may be beyond us. (And bing! We have our winner!)

Anyway, tomorrow is another 12th, which means another 12athon. I'll be running mine at the Metrodome and not particularly attempting any extra challenges. (I've got a head cold at the moment so the challenge is Not Dying, or maybe Running With a Box of Tissues.) But before that, one of my fellow 12athoners posted a great entry with 12 reasons to become a 12athoner, and for the 0 of you who read this who didn't already see it, enjoy!

12 Reasons to Join the Virtual 12athon Challenge, by Ash.

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