Wednesday, January 25, 2012

it haz a flavr

runs with butter: GDI, the library has the a/c on and I'm freezing. No, I don't care that there are birds chirping and trees blossoming outside. It's frakking *January.*

avenging angle: (like half an hour later) awwww. i'm sorry. i was out running.

rwb:: oh well. how was the run?

aa: Good! Balaclava is awesome; although smartwool isn't supposed to smell, it does. but not like running clothes.

rwb: Lol. well, at least it doesn't smell like running clothes.

aa: I only went 3.78 mi because Hal Higdon said go 3 mi but I could have gone much farther. also slush.

aa: no, but i think it kind of smells like sheep or something. :-/


rwb: Oh wait, that's goats. my bad.

aa: LOL!!!

So, yeah, the balaclava is awesome, but it does . . . smell oddly. Not while I'm wearing it, but I did sniff it afterward to check on the "odor-free!" claim. Anyone else notice this? Does it go away, or do I just have a strange balaclava?

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  1. No, I think that is life with a balaclava. This is why warm weather rules over cold any day (one of many reasons!)